Take more and more nutrients

After child birth first 6 months new born nutrition is dependent of breast milk as essential nutrition reaches to him through breast milk. So newly Mother’s must have sufficient amount of nutrients to meet the baby’s needs in addition to her own body requirement.

Lactation or Breastfeeding period

As mother has gone under various changes during pregnancy and after giving birth to baby. Mother needs to recover and heal from both the stages as well. In addition to rest mother needs to have a proper healthy diet to promote healing and recovery. As rich diet helps breastfeeding Mother to increase in milk production.

Pregnancy Period

What to do during Pregnancy Period Pregnancy is a period where a mother needs utmost care & love. In pregnancy mother feels each & every moment of her baby. Basically pregnancy 9 months (280 Days) period is categorized in three trimester stages and each trimester is of 3 months as follows: First Trimester- Once pregnancy …

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